Participants get to know each other and learn the purpose of the training.


Plenary discussions and group activities


60 to 75 minutes


Color paper, scissors, color markers, flip charts, sticky notes


Prepare the flower petals beforehand; visibly write down the ground rules; everyone should make their reflection petal

Full Description

Welcome and introduction: Use this time to set rules (like hand signals, use of jargon etc). Ask participants who wish to remain anonymous to come to you at first break: make sure no public sharing happens until then. Mention safe interaction: respect, self-care, etc. Clearly state your role as facilitator: they are the experts, they know their situation best, your role is to help guide them through the process.

World map: All participants stand up and fill the room. Explain that the floor is a map of the world, and explain that you’re are standing on a particular country (can be wherever you choose). Ask participants to place themselves ‘on the world map’ in relation to you. It can be any country of their choice (country of birth, favourite place, etc). Participants will need to talk to each other to understand where in the world they need to position themselves. Embrace the confusion and wait for it to settle down. Ask participants to introduce themselves by explaining why they have chosen the country they are in. Note: You can mix-it up by making it a map of a particular region or country instead, or having people first stand in the place where they are from and changing half way through to where they would like to visit. At the end everybody should have introduced themselves.

Flower exercise: Prepare paper flower centers (big circles) and petals (any shape) beforehand, in many colors. Hand out the centers to each participant, ask them to write or draw anything that represents them and stick centers on walls. Throughout the training, make space for quiet reflection moments where participants can write or draw important experiences on petals (learnings, insights, eureka moments) and attach them to their center. The idea is that at the end of the training everyone will have a complete flower.

Roadmap agenda: Before the training begins, start drawing a roadma12.jpg p on a big piece of paper. Represent agenda items by drawing visuals along the ‘road’. As participants arrive, ask for their help in drawing the visuals — start introducing key phrases related to sessions in the agenda, like PACT. Draw a car on a sticky note: during the training, track progress through the workshop’s agenda by moving the car ‘along the road’ to the various sessions.


If there is time, do an objectives exercise in order to determine if there are any objectives that will not be addressed in the training and deal with those expectations ASAP. You can do this through a bike rack or a sticky note card sorting exercise.